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What makes an event successful

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Normally one would say to have a successful event; it would be on the host or hostess to

To have a successful event there are a few factors that comes into play. As a person that has attended a fair amount, the first thing that gets to me is the Theme. Typically you would see it on your flyer or invite, which will be something that you want to grab your audience attention. An event cannot be an event without your targeted audience attending.

Going back to the theme, it should be executed tremendously. For example if your wedding reception is “A night in Paris”, everything about the reception should be based on that. That then leads to the Paris décor which would include things such as the famous Eiffel Tower. Your guest should actually feel like they are in Paris.

That then leads to the type of music you would like played. If you decide to go with a Dj, do your research and make sure they are versatile and not restricted to one genre of music. Say the theme was “Time Square”; the first thing you think about is flashing lights. Lighting is another very important factor. It set the mood of how your guest should feel when they walk in to when they leave. So overall I believe what makes a successful event is how well you execute your theme and how it is received by your targeted audience.

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