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Epic Thoughts #1 - Being The Dj...

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Everyone seems to have a knack for music these days, like EVERYONE. People who never even indulged in certain genres and types are now forced to know whats going on around them now. From memes to challenges, music is now attaching itself to everything and everyone, which is a GOOD and a BAD thing at the same time.

The GOOD part about that is that people's minds are now open to many more types of music. I get to play 90's music for younger kids because a tik tok video opened them up to how dope that music is! Then I get to play 20 afrobeat songs back to back because of a "Dont Rush" Challenge video which now has people rushing to listen to more Afrobeats.

Yessssssss is what comes to mind because I love being able to switch it up when I'm playing at a venue or an event, not just having to play trap, dancehall and soca. I can even mix in some real hard Bubble gum pop music because of a viral video that I know people have seen for certain.

Ummm.... Now for the BAD PART. Because music is so prevalent now a days everyone think that they are also a DJ!!!!!! I've seen more DJ's pop up out of nowhere over the past 2 years than I have possibly in the last 10 years! While that's not the bad part specifically I do think it makes the idea of being a DJ a little less prestigious for the skill and mindset it takes to truly do what comes with the title. What I can say is that I'm glad that opens doors for young people to not only make money but to express themselves in a creative way which is ALWAYS good in my book. I'm trying to avoid what I really wanna say but I don't think there is anyway around it. Ok so here goes the bad part for real this time. *Deep Breath*


Ok now I know I'm the DJ and I'm supposed to make sure that the party is enjoyable from start to finish, but if that's the case, then LET ME DO MY JOB!

I'm all for a good request or a genre change from time to time, but goodness gracious NO I'm not about to go from old school reggae to "Wobble Baby Wobble" because you about to leave. And NO its not gonna get the party jumpin... and NO AGAIN I'm not gonna trust you!

Lol its funny thinking about it and how many times I've gotten those crazy requests and told to play it NOW because everyone will go crazy when you do lol. Now to some people's defense, some requests are pretty good. Maybe they know the people there and know what gets them going or a song they relate to or even maybe its a new song that may have slipped past me that I need to download. But majority of the time its someone who feels music is in their soul and they need to tell me EXACTLY what to play.

The funnier part is if you give them that request, I can almost guarantee that they will be back for 17 more requests within the hour.

There's sooooo many things I wanna tell these people but also most of the time its someone that's friends with the Birthday person or associated with the person that booked me to be there. #Torture

All in all, I think I handle requests and Drastic music enthusiasts pretty well. I have even convinced a few people to change their mind about what they wanted to hear all so I wouldn't have to play it lol. Have you ever made a request for a song at a party, venue, club, wedding or any event with a DJ? comment and let me know what song it probably was and how that went. Cause i know for CERTAIN..... that DJ hated your face for at least 2 minutes straight! lol


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