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The first step in the E2 booking process once you have completed our online inquiry form, is a one on one consultation with an E2 representative to discuss your specific needs and desires for your event.


Bookings and Payments

Upon booking, all clients are required to sign the E2 Services Contract and pay a 50% non-refundable deposit. This deposit reserves your event date only and the balance is payable five(5) days before your Event. 


Deposits are non-refundable.



In the event of a cancellation by the Client the Deposit is non–refundable and the client's service contract would be terminated. Any sums paid up to the time of termination would be forfeited to E2.  Notice of cancellation must be communicated in writing via email to E2 and a follow up voice conversation.

Cancellation by E2

E2 reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel your booking and terminate your service contract if at any time it is determined that the business relationship between E2 and the Client is no longer sustainable due to the Client’s disrespect, the risk of reputational damage or otherwise. In such event, E2 will provide written notice of the cancellation and within fourteen (14) days thereof, E2 will return to the Client 50% of the sums paid. Under no circumstances will the deposit be refunded. 

Client Responsibility

The client is responsible for ensuring that all Event attendees respect the E2 Team and any E2 equipment on site with due care and respect and ensuring a safe, non threatening and appropriate work environment. The Client also agrees to be fully liable for any theft or damage to any E2 equipment during the Event which is the direct result of the actions of an Event attendee (whether negligent or otherwise). The Client will also be responsible for all costs associated with repairs or replacement of damaged or destroyed equipment. 

Promotional Material

E2 reserves the right to photograph and video the Event for E2's promotional purposes without compensation to the client. This right permits E2 to use images and video of the Event for advertising, display, website and Internet promotion, photographic contests and any other purposes deemed appropriate.   

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