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Wedding Setup

Music sets the tone for your wedding reception and most people don’t realize how song choices have a lasting impact. The good news is if you pick a great professional DJ with lots of wedding experience, this would be a fun and easy process. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when selecting the music for your big day:

· Think about your favorite songs – every couple has “their song” or their favorites. Of course you want your guests to be entertained, but this is YOUR DAY, so make sure you have your songs that really represent you as a couple. So grab a glass of wine and make a list of your faves!

· Make it memorable - there are certain pivotal moments of your reception (eg, entrance music, first dance, cake cutting, garter/bouquet toss) and you want to choose memorable songs for these moments. These will be the songs you remember for years to come!

· Make it fun – weddings should be fun! You want to look back on your wedding reception and say “I enjoyed it from start to finish” or “Everyone had a blast”

· Think of the range of your guests (ie age, and cultural differences) – Don’t limit yourself to one genre or one era. You and your guests may have different tastes and you don’t want anyone to feel left out of the fun. When sending out your “Save the Dates”, where persons are asked to RSVP, include a line were persons can list some of their song choices. This will greatly help you to understand what your guests want to hear.

· Don’t forget the love songs – Weddings are all about LOVE! Think about it, most wedding guests are couples and what better way is there to have everyone share in your love than by celebrating love through music. Incorporating a few love songs for couples to enjoy, really makes everyone feel sentimental and in love. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by love on their wedding day?? CUE THE FEELS!

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