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Questions you should ask when shopping for a Wedding DJ

When choosing a Wedding DJ, there are some obvious questions that come to mind. For example, “Are you available on my wedding date?” “How much do you charge? “How many weddings have you done?”

However there are several other important questions that all couples and planners should ask when shopping around for a wedding DJ. These questions include:

· Have you ever played at our venue?

This is perhaps one question that most couples and wedding planners overlook. The sound varies drastically depending on the room, so choosing a professional DJ who is familiar with your venue, would certainly aide in a less stressful day for all parties. A good DJ should know how to work the room’s acoustics, so if your DJ is not familiar with your venue, he should arrange for site visit. Luckily, Everything Epic has worked with most if not all wedding venues and is committed to proper planning. We have been known to schedule site visits (more than 1 if necessary) to ensure seamless execution on your big day.

· Do You Bring Back Up Equipment?

The reality is, unexpected things sometimes happen, even with the best of plans. Here at Everything Epic, we understand that there is always a risk of technical failure and we always have a back-up plan to deal with it to ensure that your wedding reception is executed as smoothly as possible.

· Can You Mix and Beat Match?

Let’s be honest, anyone can hook up a laptop to some speakers and hit play, but not everyone has the talent to create an awesome party experience. If you want to ensure a phenomenal wedding reception experience, you should choose a talented and professional DJ who is able to mix tracks, beat match perfectly, one who has a wide knowledge and portfolio of music genres, one who can read the crowd and tailor yours and your guests’ musical preferences. If you have had the opportunity to experience Everything Epic, this is something you will not have to worry about.

· How do you handle requests/Are you open to taking requests?

Some couples opt to have a playlist for their wedding and are opposed to their wedding DJ accepting guests’ requests. Conversely, some DJ’s are personally not open to accepting requests. It is important that you discuss this with your wedding DJ. A good starting point would be to give your wedding DJ a “do not play list”. This helps to strike the balance between delivering on the couple’s wishes and satisfying your guests. You want a professional DJ who is open to requests to ensure that your guests are entertained, but not so open that they accept every request and jeopardize the reception vibe. With years of experience under our belt, Everything Epic has managed to navigate between these realms with ease.

· Why should I choose you as my wedding DJ?

Don’t be afraid to put your DJ on the spot! A good DJ should be able to answer this question and should be able to back up everything they say. Here at Everything Epic, we not only can show you some of our work by way of our video recaps and through our heavy online presence, we also have a slew of testimonials from satisfied couples and wedding guests who have enjoyed the Everything Epic experience. A great DJ’s work and reputation should always precede them, so don’t be afraid to ask around either!

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